Commercial Hand &
Multi Surface Sanitiser

Lowest Priced Sanitiser in the UK & Europe. 
Prices starting from £19.99 for 5 Litres.

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Commercial Free Standing Sanitisation Station

Business owners, employers and hospitality venues have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for all users. Utilising the Saviron5000 you will be installing consumer confidence in addition to protecting your valued visitors.
Order your Sanviron machines today, prices start from £399*.

  • 5L Reservoir
  • 6000+ Applications
  • Free Standing
  • Fully Automatic
  • Battery Operated
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy Refill
  • Adjustable Dosage

5 Litre Hand & Multi Surface Sanitiser

Proven to be up to 1000X more effective than leading brands that kill 99.9% of bacteria.


Call our team for competitive quantity discounts on:
01928 567 260 

Prices start from just £19.99 per 5L

One of the most advanced hand sanitiser formulations we offer; our hand sanitiser contains a powerful, yet sensitive, biocide with antiviral and antibacterial qualities far beyond that of alcohol-based products. It is 99.9999% proven to kill all bacteria/ viruses

  • Alcohol free, non-flammable, and unscented.
  • 99.9999% effective against bacteria, germs and viruses, including coronavirus.
  • Meets NHS requirements for hand sanitiser (BSEN 1500).
  • Used in hospitals, prisons, schools, vets, and homes around the UK. Sanitises to a clinical standard
  • Does not dry out or irritate skin. Perfect for children, especially in leisure environments
  • Food safe and ideal for food production areas and before handling food.
  • Cruelty Free and suitable for vegans.
  • Halal certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee
  • Not harmful to plants or animals
  • Reduced Packaging
  • Fully compliant with EU Biocide Regulations
  • Large Quantities Available for Quick Delivery

Log Reduction System Explained

If there are one million bacteria in a Petri dish, a product which has a 3 log reduction would only kill 999,000 of the bacteria. This leaves 1,000 bacteria. Sanviron has a 6 log reduction against bacteria which means it kills 99.9999% bacteria. So from those initial one million bacteria, Sanviron kills 999,999 bacteria.
99.9% isn’t looking so great now… 

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